November 2015

Summer Music Mojo

At this time of year—in the southern hemisphere at least—it’s time to awaken early, don your cycling gear and get out before the sunshine hits a zillion degrees and you can physically feel your insides melting.

Often the presence of longer days, the omnipresence of the olfactory wonders of the sausage sizzle, and all your riding buddies dusting off the winter cobwebs can be enough motivation to get you out the door and on the bike, but sometimes we all need a little boost.

So here it is, the Summer Music Mojo list for 2015/2016. Enjoy!

Rufus: Like an Animal

Electro-pop awesome. Uptempo, good beat, sounds of summer. You could have an excellent ride just downloading all the Rufus you can find and blasting it on your portable speakers.


Lulu Raes: Burnout

Those strings. Those whiny vocals. The sun! These guys are from Sydney but are definitely channelling some 90’s Brit-Pop vibes with the bright chorus and drawling Gallagher-esque guitar solo (plus, Britpop hair anyone?). A sunny tune for happy pedalling.

Bonus points for Lulu Raes  riding their BMX’s around Sydney’s beaches, Akuna Bay?


Methyl Ethyl: Twilight Driving


While this song lacks a driving bass that works so well for high intensity intervals, Twilight Driving seems to perfectly bottle up the experience of a sweltering Australian Summer by the beach; 80’s coastal rock is back! For a long endurance ride (or drive) you can’t go past this tune.

In ‘Straya, always watch out for the roos.


Claptone: Puppet Theatre (feat. Peter, Bjorn and John)


Sometimes riding can take you to some dark spots in your head. If you’re out for too long, getting baked by the sun, out of food, or struggling on the last VO2 effort. Often this is the time when I crank my portable stereo up with some driving, dark beats. Puppet Theatre may feature some hilariously questionable lyrics (“Do you know why we all look the same? Skeleton Structure!” Lol!) however there is no doubting it’s pulsating baseline will get you moving. Faster.


Florence and The Machine: What Kind Of Man


Florence never disappoints, and her newest offerings really show her coming of age lyrically and musically; no subject is off limits. If you can stick with the build in this song you are rewarded by gritty electric guitar accompanying Flo’s ever pure vocals, this time a thinly veiled rage “What kind of man loves like this” is a stark contrast to her earlier music’s cosmic wonderings and harp accompaniment. Essential for those ‘pedal it out’ rides or for anyone who has ever been in a bad relationship


Big Grams: Fell in the Sun


A collaboration between Big Boi and Phantogram captures the relaxed sunshine-y vibes in the bright chorus with accompanying Big Boi rap makes for an awesome feel-good tune. It would be excellent even without the porn voice-over.


Art vs Science: Tired of Pretending


Art vs Science is channelling Midnight Juggernauts circa 2007 here with their dirty pulsating bassline, and this tune is a great one for grinding big gear efforts. It’s like a gel for your head when you’re about to bonk.


Leisure: Got it Bad


A tune for the long days, counting the hours and miles. Super chill vibes to keep the legs spinning, with a little reggae off-beat to keep the summer feel alive.


Meg Mac: Never Be


An ear worm like no other. A good all-round riding tune with a powerful chorus to get the BPM up. Bonus points go to me for singing this in my head as “I wish I could be just like that, oh no, oh no, no i’ll never be slow again”.


Foals: Mountain At My Gates


The climbing tune.”I see a mountain at my gates, I see it more and more each day”, just like a mountain this song build and builds to a cacophony as it gets harder, noisier, deeper. The mountain is looming larger, time to conquer it!




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