I feel super lucky to have spent the day with my good mates riding trails. For some strange reason (I am still trying to figure out) they travelled all the way out to Hidden Vale to shred trails with me for a couple of hours in the searing heat, followed by some pool time, beers and food. It’s pretty overwhelming to have such a good community of riders, racers and  most importantly friends, to help you get by.

Today I have had too much coffee, too many beers (two), too much cake (it was a large slice, I couldn’t finish it!), far too many presents and a bit too much sun.

I feel lucky to be in a position where I can share my birthday with the ones I love; right now I have the best bike I could ask for, a job, all the appropriate gear and a whiz bang coffee machine to open my eyes up of a morning. But really in the end having your health, family and friends is much more important than any material possessions.

Today I got to live life to the fullest, which is pretty special.

Thanks to all that came and helped make my birthday a thing. And I don’t feel any different to 29 (the backache started a week ago anyway!). To those who couldn’t come, I still love you guys and catch up soon.

xo AB