Road cycling is an interesting thing. A far departure from the hairy, smelly, beer drinking mountain biking community I can proudly identify with, road seems like mountain biking cycling with the volume turned down. Having spent a weekend away at ‘road training camp’ I have identified that roadies value: watts, conformity and matchy-matchy team socks (pref white, eew). Nothing wrong with any of this, roadie camp was fun and hilarious.Adjustyourcrotch

As a young AB I often spent time being stuck as a round peg in a square hole, not the least because I was at a wholly inappropriate all girls school with undiagnosed ADD (I think…), too much energy and no outlet. Sport, and mountain biking in particular became that outlet; a community where I can smash myself and others while being outside. Even being noisy isn’t so much of a problem, with the wind in your hair you can’t hear what anyone’s saying anyway.

Having been on the ‘volume on low’ road far more than usual (getting bulk swole in preparation for World XCM) I have found that in this situation I am kind of that ill-fitting noisy, slightly crazy peg once again, but with the wisdom and experience of age I just don’t really care, and I reckon it’s a tactic that works really well. Somehow the ill-fitting peg seems to fit anyway.

So sing on your road bike, ride skinny tyres on the grass, drink coffee and don’t give a fuck. Own your unique; after all you’re the only one of you out there.

Plus you’re totally special (just like everyone else 😛 ).

I can’t help it. Pics by Mowen.