Social media is all pervasive. We plan social events through it, talk to work colleagues, even announce huge life events. Never before have we had the ability to curate ourselves so intensely as now. Don’t like that picture? Post a different one. Looking to portray an image as a particular type of person? perhaps post some motivational quotes and be on your way.

While I probably shouldn’t question anything that allows me to filter a little bit (as I am not generally known for mine), I do question the value in people only ever seeing the best version of others.

But where does reality sit in all of this? It’s easy for someone to come and click on my link or page and think “wow, rides bikes a lot; iron woman!”. That’s a pretty unifocal view. In reality some days all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a glass of wine. Curation vs reality.

We are all products of our parenting, education and life experiences and we all have amazingly interesting, individual stories to tell.

I myself feel as though I have lived seven lifetimes even though I am only thirty (far too much to detail here, wait for the book to come out…but maybe when i’m in my next career). But the value to being thirty is the ability to fully own your past and look towards the future.