It’s been a hiatus. After a couple of months of moving in slow motion, reaching for the red wine at 1700, and consuming more brownies than i’m proud to admit (actually, fuck it, i’ll admit it: I ate a metric fucktonne of brownies! It was delicious and the only regret I have now is any time I get on my bike and it’s a positive gradient), I have finally committed to a goal to get me out of my animal-themed pyjama onesie that is featuring so heavily this pre-winter, and back on the bike (occasionally).

It’s the BC Bike Race. Held for the past 11 years, the BC Bike Race (or BCBR) is a seven-day stage race that travels from Vancouver to Whistler, sampling some of the world’s finest trails in the process.

I got a call up and an invite from Rocky Mountain Australia through an offer from big-wigs at the HQ in BC, and there was some initial deliberation with being away from the family for a couple of weeks, and if I wanted to ride my bike at all (ever again…) I figured it was the swift kick up the butt required to get me out of my life funk and back on the bike. I didn’t know if I was ready to go and flog myself again, the wounds were pretty raw after the Oceanias and Nationals fiasco, but what did I have to lose? Some skin and at worst a few teeth with the inevitable scorpions that are set to occur in the wild BC trails. Carpe Diem and all that; words to live and die by.

One of my good mates and all around excellent buddies/Cyclinic Teamie Jo Rowell, rode the 2015 edition of the race, after I coached her for it in the months prior. Her race report can be found here. It’s pretty sobering, mainly because Jo is one of the toughest women I know and she said it was tough, so I know i’m in for a week of super hard riding!

I’ll likely write up some training info in the next couple of months leading up to the race, right now i’m a week and a half into back on the bike and it’s pretty f$%^ing awful in the way having nearly two months off and hopping back on the bike can be, but already I am seeing a little (tiny bit of) progress so I guess that’s some cold comfort about it all.

But without further ado, I thought I would make a list, pre and post BCBR, about what I reckon I need for the event, followed by what I actually needed.

  1. A sick bike. I have the sickest XC bike out there, I reckon, a Rocky Mountain Element. Still running the 2016 model (which features 100mm travel front and 95mm rear) as it definitely suits the requirements of Australian XC and XCM racing more than the slightly burlier 2017 model which features 120mm front/100mm rear. For this race I will plead with Aido to somehow negotiate a dropper onto the bike. We’ll see what level of success I have with that.
  1. A portable coffee contraption. Ideas welcome. Jo reckoned that I could rely on the coffee van but that’s rule #1 of racing: NEVER RELY ON THE COFFEE VAN! So advice re: portable coffee contraptions is welcome. Don’t talk to me about Aeropress.

    The minipresso piques my interest, but it’s a bit phallic…
  2. An inflatable thermarest-type “extra support for the sleeping” type thing (I am not a camper fyi). I think like extra comfort or something?

    Actual picture of me camping.
  3. Fat treads. Aka: rubber. Fatter rubber, maybe rock some 2.3″ Maxxis (because they’re reliable and awesome, and I won’t ride anything else) something-or-other in the hope it assists with the keeping of me upright.
  4. A metric fucktonne of food. Like race food. As underwhelming as it is (and trust me, bulk gels are super underwhelming…) I reckon in a 7 days stage race where the average day will probably be 3-3.5hrs out, I will ingest a buttload of goopy sugar in a packet.
  5. A camera for happy snaps. Or just a phone. I am not good with that, I considered a GoPro but I just don’t reckon I would use it enough…
  6. Best quality chamois and an excess of chamois cream. Obviously.
  7. Ear plugs. Lest there be snoring in the campsite.

Anyway, stay tuned for training updates (can she ride more than two long days in a row? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!) and bike mods.