I just found myself consulting the magic 8 ball. The online version thereof. You know you’re in a quandary when you’re making decisions based on online images and java bots.

It was about a race. You probably know the one. I had decided to wait until an event piqued my interest before plunging in, because racing when you feel you ‘should’ rather than when you’re firing up, historically makes the whole fiasco harder to suffer through. But yet, there is a strong ‘should’ whenever an event comes up, even if my heart isn’t really into it.

Unfortunately my nihilistic tendencies can both help and harm life in the bike world: “it doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things” can either light a fire under; “go get it what have I got to lose?” or alternatively “it doesn’t matter, why do I do this again?”. Like the story of the good and evil wolf, the one that wins is the one that gets fed, but go-get-it-wolf has been going hungry recently.

It’s fine when you are enjoying racing, feeling fast and motivated, and want to be there. It’s a lot tougher when you would rather be at home, running the dog, catching up on work or doing a whole host of other things that aren’t getting up sub-5am to trundle out to a bike race.

When your attention is diverted from racing; (and it’s not such a bad thing really: it is what it is: life), it’s much harder to get excited about it. School holidays mean lots of parenting time and little opportunity to ride (or even do work; it’s busy!).

Plus, the goals I have ticked off in the past couple of years have been epic. I want to shake it up a little, still race and crush souls (eventually) but perhaps in a different manner. Right now, the only way that go-get-it wolf is going to get a meal is by chasing adventure.

Adventure inspires me to do the suffering and hard yards that are difficult to do without a goal.

It’s far from scientific, but my important multi-pronged attack includes:

-Adventure rides in new places

-With cool people

-To do events that I have not yet experienced

-And probably with not too much riding in circles, at this early stage

I am seeking: solid climbs and good descents, new trails, variety and good feels. Feeling strong is always a goal so I am hitting new routes on the roadie, without any specific efforts right now,  to challenge myself to push the physical and psychological boundaries without the routine of a general training plan. I want to be a trailblazer of MTB adventure!

I am happily accepting offers of ideas of excellent events and adventures to have!