My name is Anna Beck (or AB), and mountain bike racing is a passion facilitated with some help from Cannondale and Cyclinic.

I understand the way that the sport weaves its way into our souls and identity. We move to be closer to the trails, we spend all our disposable income on bike things, and many of our friends are like-minded bike people. Many of us ride as an out, some of us ride to race, some for health and general fitness reasons. Regardless of why you ride, coaching can be a great way to improve your fitness and a targeted approach can help improve bike handling skills.

I am a Level 2 NCAS accredited mountain-bike coach with experience in coaching local, state, national and even international-level athletes to reach their goals on and off the bike. I have coached cross-country (XCO), marathon (XCM), cyclo-cross (CX), gravity enduro (GE), and road cyclists achieve their dreams.


…But I am not just a coach. Personally, I have raced at the national level in XCO for around six years (excluding some time out to have a baby) and have had National Series wins and podiums in the discipline. Furthermore, in 2016 I embraced longer distances; I travelled all the way to France to compete in cross-country marathon worlds placing 28th, and have won and been on the podium at other XCM events within Australia. It’s been a whirlwind! 2018 saw my first National Title taking out XCM Nationals in Townsville.


I understand what it’s like trying to train and race and do ‘life’ as well. I believe in a holistic approach to coaching; using evidence-based sporting science along with personalised assessment of needs and work-life balance to get the most out of athletes. Yes, watts and heart-rate are important but they are independent parts contributing to the broader picture of peak performance.

Services I offer for athletes include:

•Personalised training programs targeted for events, or for general fitness, for local riders through to riders with international aspirations;

•Training with power, heart rate or ‘naked‘ training, including frequent re-testing of power zones and general progression testing within the program;

•Use of online interactive software compatible with almost all fitness devices to track intensity, training load and progression;

•Implementation and evaluation of race plans including warm up, race nutrition and ‘game plan’;

•Guidance for general strength and conditioning required for on the bike performance;

•General dietary assessment (if more comprehensive dietary evaluation is required, we will always recommend an APD);

•Personal challenges in training to build resilience in a race environment, and;

•Frequent reevaluation of program, race performances, and training.


If this is something that gets you super excited to hop on your bike and smash it, and you have some goals in mind, you can contact me for further information. I only take a few athletes on at any time so I can work on a fully personalised plan for every athlete.

Contact me at: annabeckfreelance at gmail dot com with any questions or enquiries. Or check out my website at 

Happy riding.